Case Study: Fiverfly

The Company

Fiverfly is a social media company that provides the easiest way to get amazing content posted automatically to your business’s Facebook page. Select your own content categories and plan how frequent you’d like Fiverfly to post. Their writers will take care of the rest!

The Project

Fiverfly came to us with a concept and a few mockups of what they envisioned for their company. After considering a few developers, it was clear to them that even though we didn’t offer the cheapest proposal, they were most excited about Delight’s value, business acumen and how our skill set offered more than just software development. They needed a developer to not just write code, but to also help them convert the ideas they had in their head into a functional, lucrative service.

How We Helped

We worked with their team to determine what their minimum viable product would look like, which varied slightly from what was originally presented to us. Our goal was to test the assumptions they had about their product as soon as possible. From there, we could use what we learned to iterate on it until we found product-market fit.

Over the first couple of months we:

Communication was key for this project so we had frequent phone conversations with the founding team to ensure everybody was on the same page.

The Fiverfly team brought great ideas and feature requests and we brought our experience as product designers/developers. All this, combined with the information we gathered through the iterative design process, came together to create an amazing product.

Now, Fiverfly is signing up new users every day and is growing their recurring revenue at a steady pace. Here at Delight, we act as a partner and CTO to the Fiverfly team. Their success has been our mission from day one, and they continue to have more of it every day.

What They Had To Say

Each of Fiverfly’s founders had some things to say about working with Delight:

We started using Delight Consulting after our previous programmer could not complete the tasks needed for our software company. Delight was fantastic to deal with. They have been very responsive with questions as we got this startup off the ground. Every one of their projects came in on budget and on time which is pretty fantastic.

One of the reasons that I would recommend Delight Consulting is their ability to work with us as a partner. They have had ideas about our company to improve the overall service and functionality. We will continue to use Delight Consulting and I would recommend them to anyone needing programming work.

Daniel Peterson, Co-Founder, Fiverfly

The other founder/brother had this to say:

The Delight Consulting team have been a great partner for our company. When we first reached out to them, Fiverfly was in trouble. We had a platform that had missed multiple delivery dates and wasn’t working. Our confidence in what we wanted to build was shrinking.

They listened to our needs, made some great suggestions to improve our product and then promised to have it completed within 3 weeks! We were reluctant that they could deliver in that time, since we had heard multiple promises from our developer and they had all been missed.

We made the decision to use Delight Consulting and to our surprise, 3 weeks later we had a working platform! Since then, the Delight team has been our development team. We have made multiple changes to our platform. They have delivered on every occasion. But what I think is even more important is they always offer great suggestions to our ideas to make our product even better.

Paul Peterson, Co-Founder, Fiverfly


Delight was able to deliver a functioning product that actually brought money in the door for Fiverfly faster than they could have imagined. Our services were exemplary because unlike many development shops, we provided a dialogue around business decisions instead of just providing development services.

Fiverfly now has a steadily growing recurring revenue stream that has no signs of slowing down. We’ve maintained a professional relationship with them to ensure that their product can continue to evolve and gain market share as time goes on.

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